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Nobody can predict the future, but it’s common sense to have a Plan “B” for those days when things don’t go your way. Like a lot of people I never gave this a serious thought. But shortly after joining the ranks at Golden Eagle in 2005 I read an article by Kimberly Clements the changed the way I look at my future.
Ms. Clements’ article encourages employees to create a Plan B that could enable us to be prepared for the future. Coming from an entrepreneurial family, this was not a totally foreign concept to me I just needed some motivation. The next morning I talked to my wife and later that day the idea of a new product was born.

Chilttepica Products are family recipes, made with fresh ingredients, and of course our star ingredient “Chiltepin Pepper” the thread of all  Chilttepica Products.

Chiltepin Pepper is called The Mother of all Peppers! The pea sized Chiltepin pepper is thought to be the ancestral plant of all chili peppers. It is native to the Arizona-Sonora Desert. The Chiltepin plant is a bush up to four feet tall and it prefers well-drained soil.
Chiltepins have long been used by native people to spice food and as a food preservative. Chiltepins were also used medicinally.